Friday, October 22, 2010

The Beast in action!

Oh! And I've named the beast. Her name is Astrid. A name I've loved for years, but couldn't even consider using on a human just because, well, it has "ass" in it. Yes, I am that childish. (my apologies to anyone out there named Astrid who is offen....wait, who am I kidding, I have one reader and her name is Sarah!) But I figured since there aren't any other presses around to concoct ass-related nicknames, Astrid would be the perfect name for the Beast. It's strong. Bold. Yet capable of such beauty. And it has a nice Nordic ring to it, perfect for a press that has roots in Norway.

OK back on topic. Sesame Street. Letterpress. And can you believe I actually REMEMBER that dog drawing?!?! No really, I do. Vividly. I've had this red scribbly dog thing swirling in my head for YEARS, with no clue where it came from until I found this link. I literally had a mini panic attack because for a second I thought You Tube had found a direct line to my soul.

editors note: (ha! I'm an editor) Unlike the press in the video, my Kluge is missing the feeder, which is fine with me. I can't even get two rollers working at the same time yet, never mind that whole gripping/sucking contraption. So I hand feed, and quite enjoy it, so far.