about me

For the Love of Letterpress is a small letterpress studio located in southeastern Massachusetts owned by me, Holly Hanna. Not only do I have an awesome designer-y name, but I am also an actual artist/graphic designer with 10 years experience in the home decor industry, designing products for customers such as Target, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and JCPenny. 

I’ve recently decided to make a change in my life, trading art directors, product managers, salespeople, and buyers for something more personal. I started For the Love of Letterpress to celebrate the simplicity of custom work; getting to know my clients, working closely with them to design something that makes their heart swell... and then instead of shipping my designs off to china to be mass-produced, I’m printing them one-by-one, right here in my garage on my 80-year-old 2000lb Kluge press.

This is awesome.