Sunday, February 20, 2011

This past week or so has been pretty amazing

Here's the random smattering of events.

First of all, I recieved two wonderful gifts from my sister:
1. Zoe Patricia

Jason and I have already decided she's going to grow up to be a hipster, or whatever we'll be calling the cool kids in 2030, and she has my sneeze.

2. A Canon G7
It's a hand me down, but I'm already taking immensely better pics with it compared to my old point & shoot with the scratched lens. And I'm super excited about all it's quasi-SLR functionality.

We spent an entire weekend with Paige & Emily while mommy and daddy were busy at the hospital. They are such good girls. There were lots of snuggles and giggles and only one huge meltdown.  When I woke up Saturday there were little feet in my hair, and when I finally got home on Sunday I took a four hour nap.

I discovered I can feed southpaw, not as efficiently as the right but in a pinch (i.e. when I'm too lazy to redo make-ready) it works. And I still have all my fingers.

I smashed my first plate, not a good thing, but it taught me that all those other printers weren't kidding when they stressed over and over again "DO NOT PRINT WHEN YOU'RE TIRED"

Two lovely books came in the mail, I should practice using my fancy-dancy new camera and capture some of the loveliness.

An unexpected (especially unexpected since we just celebrated our first anniversary) wedding gift arrived on our doorstep: a weighty, warm, and soft hand-knitted blanket with a beautiful ombre stripe pattern. A sweet handwritten note that accompanied it explained it's tardiness; my aunt had been working on knitting this blanket for over a year, she experienced a few hiccups and with each one she did what most in my family would do: throw it in the closet and wait for it to fix itself. The eventual result was worth the wait, it fits just beautifully in our living room, even complimenting the paneling and the black leather sofas (we're just working with what we've got here, folks, but trust me, it's working). I'm surprised by the emotional attachment I've already formed with it.

It was almost 60 (!!!) here on Friday, which just happened to be a vacation day for me. I ran a 5k in a t-shirt then sat on the front steps with Wookie soaking up the sun.

My Boxcar base is on it's way! Everyday I've been running home to hoping to see it sitting quietly on the front step just waiting for me. Alas, not yet.

AND... this I'm really so excited about. We found our new kitchen table. It had been under a tarp in my Dad's basement THIS WHOLE TIME!!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wow. I am so screwed.

Reading My So-Called Freelance Life's section about dealing with distractions when working at home.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm a business...MAN!

Props to all my homeys who got the jay-z/kanye reference.