Thursday, May 26, 2011

Now THIS is multitasking

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Cleaning roller riders AND getting a tan at the same time. This is the best job ever.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love:Holly & Bill

hb1 hb2 hb3 hb4 hb5 hb6 Not me Holly. A different Holly. I'm already happily married. And his name is certainly not Bill.

I pretty much had free reign with this one. I had just started thinking everything I do is completely unoriginal and lame (which I tend to do, like, everyday) when this little diddy popped into my head. I am butt-crazy in love with the logo I whipped up, and how those lines feel when you rub your nail across.

Letterpress printed on 110lb Flo White Lettra in Good Ol' Black ink with Peacock envelopes


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love: Krissy & Steve

Vineyard Wedding1 Vineyard Wedding2 Vineyard Wedding3 Vineyard Wedding4 Vineyard Wedding5

I always like to chat with the bride (and groom! if he's willing) a bit on the phone or in person before a start a design. The internet can be so impersonal. Through our initial email exchange Krissy said the theme of the wedding was "Wine". Wine? Like, just booze? Errr... okay. BUT through further explanation over the phone I discovered that Stephen proposed at a vineyard in California, Bella Vineyards to be exact. Aaaand they are moving from boring ol' Mass to California- sunny, glorious, sunny, vineyard-filled (did I say sunny?) California- after the wedding. Okay, now I get it. I did a little internet sleuthing and surprised Krissy with a custom drawing of the famous caves at Bella Vineyards and incorporated it into a simple design reminiscent of a wine label. She loved it!

Letterpress printed on 110lb Pearl White Lettra in a custom-matched Eggplant ink with Plum envelopes.