Saturday, September 4, 2010

OK, maybe NOW I'll post more.

Bear with me... I'm trying out this mobile blogging app on my new iPhone in the hopes that I can bypass the whole actually-getting-pictures-off-my-camera-and-onto-my-blog problem I seem to be having lately.

So here's a photo (unedited, taken with my iPhone) of a blind impression done as part of a small demonstration I did for some of Jason's employees (which is HILAROUS given my current insane lack of knowledge on the subject of letterpress). Computer engineers actually get pretty excited about antiquated, completely inefficient machinery. Who knew?

The plate is from my collection of old cuts that I've been using to practice... it appears to be a kid sleeping at his/her desk? Strange, yet fitting for this time of year. Oh, and this is my first print on Lettra, which I am already liking way better than Holyoke, which was much smushier.

Wow that was a lot of thumb-typing!!!!

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