Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy March 4th! Here's a Christmas Card!!!

Printed on Flo White Lettra 110, blind emboss (deboss? the jury's still out) and a custom mixed brick red ink. The always fashionable Sarah paired these with a lovely Gravel Paper Source envelope. More photos here.

And is there some magical blogging formula I'm missing? I'm finding this all very frustrating. It seems everything I try gives me some sort of other problem. Oh look, the left half of my photo has been cropped off! Why the eff is my text centered now?!? How did this space get here?!?!?? WHY IS THIS PHOTO SO SMALL!?!?!?! And it's not even like I went and fancied up my blog, I mean LOOK AT IT. It's basically the default, I'm guessing this is only going to get harder once I start pretty-ing it up.

Maybe one of my 2 readers can help? I'm not asking for much, I'll break it down to bullet points because my anxious nature requires organization:
  • I would like larger pictures, even when I hit the "large" button they're still only the size of my fist on the screen.
  • I would like all my photos to be the same width, preferably the same width of my text. Is this something I need to do myself in p'shop or is there a magic "make all my pics the same damn size" button?
  • I would like to link up with flickr so people can see a larger version of my photos, but also because flickr is where all the cool kids are. I really don't have the desire to manually copy and paste a link for each photo. Where is the magic "flickr" button?
It's not helping my case that I have no html experience. And apparently I really have a thing for buttons.

Update!!!! Now with LARGER PICTURES!!!!!!

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